While child support can provide unique challenges, alimony/spousal support is different and looks at the global financial picture after distribution is accomplished. Frequently these calculations are more complex than child support, in fact.

In Florida, support is essentially calculated based on a spouse’s need versus the other spouse’s ability to pay. The spouse filing for support must demonstrate a post-dissolution need and clearly lay out what his or her life will require and why.

Because of the complexities involved, it may be necessary for a vocational evaluator or other expert to look at issues that affect earning potential post marriage as well as other issues, including:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Standard of living
  • Whether the person requesting is the custodial parent requiring specific living arrangements
  • What the requestor could or should be earning

Other variables considered are whether or not one party was supportive of the other’s career, possible parenting responsibilities, sacrifices made, education needs, and time and/or training needed to obtain gainful employment.

Support is not intended to balance or equalize incomes or to recreate the exact same life. It is set up to establish some semblance of similar standard of living. In the case of high worth cases, financial experts may be necessary due to post-equitable distribution issues in terms of appreciation, investment, interest and taxes.

Properly undertaking these calculations requires the expertise of an experienced lawyer. Regardless of the support issues you are currently involved with, we are here for you.

Florida Alimony Attorney

For more than 45 years we at Fox & Muriello P.A. Attorneys At Law have worked on these issues and are committed to deeply understanding your personal circumstances and working one-on-one to arrive at the best possible long-term resolution.

It’s important to note that support can be set up as modifiable or non-modifiable and that in order to set up a spousal support modification, unanticipated and substantial changes at the end of original order need to be demonstrated.

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