Nothing is more important to a parent than their child. If you are going through a divorce, parenting plan modification proceeding or other family law matter in which your parental rights are at stake, it is essential that you retain qualified legal counsel.

We offer experienced representation on behalf of clients in a wide range of custody and visitation matters, including:

  • Divorce
  • Modification of a parenting plan
  • Time sharing disputes
  • Collaborative law divorce
  • Paternity

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Parenting Plans and Time Sharing

Florida’s child custody laws have been recently modified to encourage both parents to maintain an active role in the lives of their minor children after a divorce. Rather than awarding one parent primary custody of a child and awarding visitation time to a noncustodial parent, Florida law now favors shared parental responsibility in most cases and the creation of parenting plans with time sharing provisions.

The Florida Family Code states that a parenting plan approved by a court must describe how parents will share responsibility for the upbringing of their child, including the time the child spends with each parent, educational decisions, health care decisions and decisions that affect the daily life of the child. Florida Family Code 61.13 states that it is Florida’s public policy that minor children have “frequent and continuing contact” with both parents after a divorce.

This presumption may be overcome if domestic violence or other factors detrimental to the welfare of a child are present. Courts retain significant discretion to fashion a parenting plan that will serve the best interests of the minor child. Accordingly, it is essential that you retain an experienced family law attorney to protect your parental rights.

It is important that you understand how a parenting plan will affect your parental and financial rights. Our experienced family law attorneys can advise you of your rights and negotiate on your behalf for a favorable parenting plan and time sharing agreement. If your case is not resolved by agreement, we will aggressively defend your rights at trial.

Experienced Representation

Our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined legal experience. As experienced negotiators and trial lawyers, we can ensure that you receive the vigorous representation you require.

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