When it comes to 401(k)s, savings and retirement accounts, there are complex and unique issues that are involved in distribution following a divorce. If, for instance, someone has a 401(k) through a job, gets married and continues through their profession, the part of the funds that accrue during the marriage becomes a marital asset. That said, the portion that was paid out prior to the marriage is still defined as non-marital and is not divisible or distributable.

In the case of liabilities, it is rare to see a non-marital liability become marital, although a house or other property that is purchased prior to divorce and then refinanced after marriage becomes a marital liability. It is also worth noting that any liability acquired during a marriage is technically a marital liability up for distribution, regardless of whose name the liability is under.

Determination of status and valuation calculations can be immensely complex. The experience of a skilled lawyer cannot be overvalued when these issues arise.

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