Frequently, following a divorce or a paternity case, a parent with majority time sharing wants to relocate. Legally speaking, relocation refers to moving a child’s residence more than 50 miles from the existing residence at the time of the order of custody. It is important to realize that there are separate statutes that govern relocation and various separate factors the court uses to evaluate relocation requests (as opposed to time sharing agreements).

Relocation issues are taken very seriously by the court and require the correct technical language when organizing a pleading. Failure to properly prepare the pleading can result in losing custodial rights of a child. Due to the high stakes and technical needs in these issues, it is absolutely critical to partner with a skilled lawyer.

Florida Parent Relocation Attorney

We understand the needs of families and the desire to relocate, particularly with the current economic landscape. We are ready to bring more than 45 years of family law experience to fully understand your wants, needs and unique circumstances and do whatever’s possible to work with your move-away issues to arrive at an optimal outcome.

We have extensive experience both preparing pleadings for relocations as well as defending against them. We are committed to taking our comprehensive knowledge of process, statute and procedure to best serve the needs of you and your loved ones.

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