Divorce Mediation Misson

To aid people to make their divorce less stressful and reasonably priced.  I will prepare all divorce documents necessary to file with the Court to finalize your divorce. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, we can proceed to mediation. At that a mediation session, I strive to create a safe environment to empower you and your spouse to divorce on amicable decisions and settle terms. In addition, I offer post-judgment child custody and time-sharing (visitation) mediation, as well.

 What is Pro Se Divorce Mediation?

All too often when people find themselves in a divorce, their emotions begin to dictate their decisions, and they typically start to make unwise choices about their financial future and the future of their children.  Divorces are part of our adversary process. By design, the legal system pits one party against the other.  Divorce attorneys are retained to “fight.”  They are, by training and duty to "win" the case, to "defeat the other side." The tactics that are used to obtain those results can be expensive and destructive.

With Pro Se Mediation, the parties come together to settle the divorce issues.  When parties mediate a divorce, they walk away from the table with their agreement.

What is pro se divorce mediation? It is a new concept in family law where a certified Florida Supreme Court divorce mediator, who is usually a family law attorney, takes off the lawyer hat and puts on the Florida divorce mediator hat and sits with both husband and wife a session of pro se mediation.

During our meetings, the parties and the mediator will attempt to resolve all divorce issues. These items can include the divorce itself, child custody, child support, joint custody, shared parental responsibility, visitation, alimony, asset division, debt allocation, pension division, and all other personal and real property issues that could come up in a divorce case.

Why Mediation Works

One of the most devastating times of your life is when you realize that your marriage is in trouble.  You experience many different emotions. The staff at A Stress Frees Divorce is here to help.

Make your divorce as painless and Friendly As Possible. We can help you ease your heartache and stress, conserve your resources, protect your children, and move forward towards a new start.

In a divorce, if the Husband and Wife can agree on all issues, it is called an uncontested divorce.  At A Stress-Free Divorce, we can prepare all of the documents that you need to file for a court to grant a divorce.  If you are considering a  divorce without an attorney, seriously consider having all of your court filings prepared by an experienced divorce attorney. 

If the couple cannot agree on all issues, there is a method where an impartial trained person is available before anyone files a court action.  

“Mediation is available before anyone files a court action for divorce.”

The Mediation process is confidential and informal.  A trained mediator assists both parties in resolving their disputes, allowing them to reach their agreements.  The Mediator will present practical, creative solutions for each couple’s specific needs.

“You – not a judge! –should decide the outcome.”

When parties reach an agreement, the Mediator will prepare all of the documents that are necessary for the court to grant your divorce. 

Issues that need to be addressed in a divorce, whether it is contested or uncontested:

  • Custody of children
  • Support of children
  • Parenting time with your children
  • Division of assets (for example, pensions, bank accounts or stocks)
  • Alimony (or support for the spouse)
  • Division of personal property (that is, who will get which personal property, such as the car or furniture)
  • Division of real estate (what will happen to any property including the marital home)
  • who gets to live in the marital home
  • Division of debts (for example, credit cards or electric bills)
  • Taking back the name you had before you got married
  • Whether an order for protection from abuse is needed
  • Division of pension plans

We Give You the Best Value

Document Preparation
Without an Attorney

$349 - Uncontested Without Children

$549 - Uncontested With Children

Document Preparation
One-hour Office Consultation with Attorney

$749 - Without Children

$949 - With Children